Microsoft OneDrive - What is backed up?


As part of our continued effort to help protect our users, Calvert County Public Schools has implemented a feature that incorporates your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders into your OneDrive sync.  This helps to ensure users are protected in the event that their computer has a catastrophic event or is wiped.  Users will also enjoy having access to their files in these locations from any Calvert County Public Schools computer they sign into. 

This feature will be in place for all Staff and Students.  

What will I see?

  • Desktop, Documents and Pictures have a sync indication

  • Flyout notification in the Action Center (message icon in the lower right corner of your screen)



Question: What happens if I have multiple desktops (i.e. laptop and desktop)?

Answer: The desktops will effectively be merged.  All the icons that are on your laptop will and desktop will be loaded into your OneDrive and appear on each device as a whole.  This will allow you to even log on another computer in the county and have access to your files automatically.

Question: If I have OneDrive sync’d on my home computer, will it also take all the items on my home desktop too?

Answer: No, it will not.  We don’t manage your home computer and our policies do not apply there.

Question: I already have a lot of teachers that have a lot of stuff on their desktop and documents folders.  Won’t this increase the amount of space they are using?

Answer: Actually, quite the opposite.  You will notice a decrease in the footprint files are taking on those computers as all the content will be pushed up to the cloud freeing up valuable resources.

Question: What about the Downloads folder?  Can we include that in the OneDrive backup too?  I store a lot of files there.

Answer: Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow us to back that folder up.  We ask that you move those files to a more secure location that OneDrive does back up like you Documents, Desktop or Pictures folder.

If you have questions or need help, please submit a ticket with the help desk team so they can reach out with assistance.


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