Adobe - Activation limit reached

Included with our Creative Cloud subscriptions is the ability to install the applications on up to two computers.  While this gives users the flexibility to work between a desktop and their assigned laptop, it can also cause some confusion when accessing it on more than two devices.  


If you are receiving the message shown above, you have registered the Adobe software on more than two computers.  To free up licenses, you may either:

  • Sign out and de-register all of the computers you previously used the Adobe software on.  You will be prompted to sign back in on any of those computers



  • Choose which computer to sign out of.  This is convenient if you know which computer you want to reclaim the license from


Due to the installation count restriction placed on each user, one of these options must be performed before being able to use the Adobe software on the computer you are receiving the prompt on.

You may read more about this error on Adobe's website here: Creative Cloud "Activation limit reached" or "Sign-in failed" error (

If you experience any issues during this process, please submit a ticket with the help desk team so they can reach out with assistance.

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