Is internet content filtered on devices?


When using the internet connection provided by CCPS (in other words, when you are on the CCPS network), all devices use CCPS internet content filters.  This means that CCPS can block out most inappropriate content. 

When devices are not using the CCPS internet connection (such as on a home network), access is determined by the subscriber to the internet. 

Parents should work with their internet service provider to ensure filters are on their network.  Some examples of devices that may require filtering include: smart phones, gaming systems, tablets, laptops, desktops.

If Comcast is your internet service provider, please refer to Comcast Parental Controls Setup Information to find out how to filter the internet content on all devices used in the home (e.g., phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc.).

If you have a different internet service provider and they are unable to provide any content filtering options, CCPS recommends using OpenDNS as a content filter for devices on your home network. With OpenDNS, basic filtering is free of charge. The following explains how OpenDNS works and includes instructions for parents on how they may set it up on their home network: Securing Your Home Internet with OpenDNS

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