Student Laptop - Replacement Charger

From time to time, students may find that they have misplaced their charger or on rare occasions, their charger becomes damaged.  If either of these occur, the student should reach out to their teacher or school administrator as soon as possible.  Schools will often have chargers that students may purchase or if the charger is deemed defective, working with the Help Desk team, a replacement may be issued.  

Genuine Lenovo charger costs:

  • $31.00 - 45-watt charger
  • $39.00 - 65-watt charger
Grades 4-5, 8 Grades 3, 6-7, 9-12
Lenovo 45-watt charger Lenovo 65-watt charger
Only genuine Lenovo chargers are permitted to be used
20230203_181551185_iOS.jpg 20230203_181343928_iOS.jpg


You may also reach out to the help desk team with any questions by submitting a ticket.

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