Microsoft Outlook - Setting up for use


Microsoft Outlook is the supported software used to manage your emails.  While you may use the web-version located in the M365 portal website, the version installed on your computer is more robust and offers capabilities not available on the web version.  

Whether this is the first time opening Outlook or you received a new/reimaged computer, the guide below will help you quickly get set up.  

  1. Click the Windows Start Menu, and choose Outlook

  2. Outlook will begin loading your profile and email automatically.

    NOTE: there are occasions when Outlook has not fully pulled your profile in yet and you may be presented with the prompt below.  Simply entering your email and clicking Connect will establish that connection and pull the profile properly.  

  3. Once loaded, your emails will begin populating and you may begin using the application.

If you have questions or need help, please submit a ticket with the help desk team so they can reach out with assistance.



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