Windows - New & Reimaged Computer Setup Guide

Welcome to your new computer!

Whether this is a brand-new computer or a freshly imaged one, your computer is ready to help you get things done.  This guide is designed to help answer some common questions that may arise as you use your new computer.  Let’s get started!

Signing in

Signing into your new PC is easy!  Windows - How to sign into your device


Set up your printers

Printers are available to add as needed via the Printix client: Printix - How to install a printer



Launch OneDrive and ensure that your files are syncing properly: Microsoft OneDrive - How to open and start syncing


SharePoint/Teams Libraries

Establish any SharePoint/teams libraries that you were syncing previously: Microsoft SharePoint and Teams - How to sync SharePoint and Teams files


Outlook (Email)

Set up Outlook to start pulling down your emails: Microsoft Outlook - Setting up for use



Set up OneNote to start pulling down your notebooks: Microsoft OneNote - Setting up for use


Microsoft Edge

Establish profile syncing

Ensuring your profile is syncing properly in Microsoft Edge ensures you are protected from the unexpected computer crash or reimage: Microsoft Edge - Sync your profile

Favorites/Bookmarks/Saved Passwords

Most users have set up Microsoft Edge to automatically sync so you should find that your favorites/bookmarks and passwords are carried over automatically.  Microsoft Edge - Syncing your Favorites/Bookmarks Between Devices

If you find that you need to import your favorites/bookmarks into Microsoft Edge using a previously exported list, you may use this guide: Microsoft Edge - How to import your Favorites/Bookmarks


Google Chrome


Users that have favorites set up in Google Chrome would have had to export them prior to receiving their new computer.  Using that file, you may import them into Google Chrome using this guide: Google Chrome - How to import your Favorites/Bookmarks


Install Software via Company Portal

Any software you had previously installed that is not a part of the default image will need to be manually installed by you via the Company Portal: How to install applications from the Company Portal


Extending your Monitors

If you have multiple monitors and would like to extend the display to all of them: Windows - How to extend your display to multiple monitors


If you have questions or need help, please submit a ticket with the help desk team so they can reach out with assistance.

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