Microsoft Teams - How to place a call with Teams

Microsoft Teams allows staff to "call" other users using the meeting functionality.  This feature can be extremely useful when calling parents, other staff or even members of the community. 

To leverage this functionality:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams

  2. Click Calendar from the left rail to open your calendar


  3. Choose Meet Now from the options located in the upper right corner


  4. Provide a title for the meeting and click Start meeting


  5. Once you join the meeting, click the People icon to reveal the Participants flyout menu
    1. The participants menu accepts:
      1. Phone numbers
      2. Internal (CCPS) email addresses
      3. External (non-CCPS) email address

  6. Teams will try to call each entry entered and if the other member answers, they will be brought into the meeting

If you experience any issues during this process, please submit a ticket with the help desk team so they can reach out with assistance.

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